EMPYRAY rock band was created in the summer of 1993 by Karen Arzumanyan and Sargis Manukyan. The first concert took place on April 30, 1994, and the band celebrates that day as its birthday.

After many changes, the main composition of the group was formed in 1999, when Gisane Palyan joined the group, and a little later, David Khurshudyan.

Not being satisfied with the quality of local recording studios, in 2004 Karen and Gisane founded their own under the name “EMPYRAY Studio”, where the band started recording, releasing “EMPYRAY” (2006), “HUR E” (2009) , “MEKENDMISHT” (2011) albums. The authors of all works are Karen Arzumanyan and Gisane Palyan.

The group’s songs are loved and spread among a wide audience, and some of them, such as “Black and white”, “You don’t know”, “Hur is”, as well as the soundtracks of the films “Ambush”, “Army”, “On the border” become hits. The songs “I forgive you” and “Black and white” are included in many cases as material for the examination of vocalists in various projects.

The group gives many concerts in Armenia, Artsakh, USA, Persia, Russia, participates in festivals, including charity ones, receives many awards in the categories “Best Rock Album”, “Best Rock Band”, “Best Song”.

In 2013, vocalist Sargis Manukyan left the group, moving to the USA.

The group, which has gone through various difficulties and changed its composition several times, is facing a difficult problem this time. Trying to work with new vocalists in 2014-2019. the group releases many singles and several videos, gives concerts and continues to participate in festivals.

Hamlet Grigoryan (drums) and vocalist Emil Khosrovyan joined the group in 2019. Two video clips are released: “Invincible”, “For a new life” and singles: “I’ll take you”, “I want you to be next to me”.

Latest Releases