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Information about Armenian bands, album annotations, lyrics and chords of some songs in the “Bands” section of our website are collected by the students of the “Rockestra” club operating within the framework of “AybPro” project-base education of “Ayb” school. The club is leaded by Vahagn Papayan, founder and bass player  the “Oaksenham” rock band. – in collaboration with the guitarist 

  The collaboration began when we decided to join forces to create resources for the platform by engaging potential students. As a result, the creation of the “Armenia In Rock” platform became the subject of “Made in Armenia” project implemented by “Rockestra” club in 2021, the goal of which was to raise awareness about Armenian rock.

Rock Association of Armenia

The “Rock Association” of Armenia was created in 2010 by a dozen prestigious Armenian rock bands. Vardan Grigoryan, the founder of and bass player of “Dogma” rock band, was elected president of the association. The purpose of the association is to create conditions for the development of rock music in Armenia, to expand and popularize the perception of rock as a separate musical direction in Armenia, to spread it, and to organize festivals and concerts.

The association successfully organized a number of rock concerts and festivals, supported newly formed groups.

After the dissolution of the founding bands of the association, Vardan and Zara Gevorgyan, the vocalist of “Dogma” band, took on the main work. However, since the activities of the association coincided with the activities of “Vibrographus” company, and the members were the same people, “Vibrographus” mainly took over the problems of the association.

The “Armenia In Rock” festival and the creation of this platform can be considered the summary and culmination of the activities of the “Rock Association”.

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The partner of our website is “Yamaha” music store, the representative of “Yamaha” company in Armenia, with whom we are always happy to work in the implementation of our projects. In their store you can find a variety of quality musical instruments, get free advice and installation for all kinds of spaces. They also provide after sales support and warranty service.

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