Documentary film

This film is entirely created by Armenian dreamers and active rock musicians and band, who through the prism of their experience open a window to the field of rock history in Armenia and try to find ways to develop and preserve it.

In 2019, Vardan Grigoryan, founder and bassist of Dogma band, president of the “Rock Association”, decided to bring together the old and new rock musicians of Armenia to participate in the “Armenia In Rock” festival he initiated.

And this whole process was filmed by Dogma band with the help of friends. This resulted in the creation of “Journey to Armenia In Rock Festival”, a three-part documentary that includes the stories of today’s rock bands and musicians, from old to new in four periods.

Dogma travels from city to city, from house to house, visiting other rock bands, hosting them in their studio and through an intimate and very direct conversation they try to reveal their path, the impetus to create and the driving force to continue creating in Armenia. Parallel to the process, famous musicologists and musicians express their thoughts about the rock field and the bands.

And, of course, the bands’ live performances at the festival make an important part of the film. 

*The film does not have any sponsors and was shot exclusively by the joint efforts of Dogma members and friends. However, you can make your financial contribution if you appreciate the work done and want to support this idea. You can donate HERE.

Thank you in advance and we wish you enjoy watching the film!