Anthem: the Unseen Land

Water Spark


The Way Back Home

Talybont (tribute to Gentle Giant)

On Reflection (tribute to Gentle Giant)

Time Out

Jester’s Pipe

Merlin’s Jig

Across the Atlantic

Ocean’s Web

Golden Hind

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Conquest of the Pacific

Oaksenham is the band’s first studio album. It was recorded in 2004-2005. In the studio of the “MDP” group, in the Puppet Theater of Yerevan. Audiologist of recording: Vardan Grigoryan. Mixing Engineers: Vahan Bakunts. Released in 2007. by French label Musea. Art design of the cover: Artashes Stamboltsyan.

Composition of the group: Vahagn Papayan: bass guitar, Ashot Korganyan: drums, Valery Tolst: flute, Vardan Gasparyan: electric and classical guitar, Anna Adamyan: keyboards, Koryun Bobikyan: violin.

Guest musicians: Sona Yengibaryan (harp), Mikayel Matnishyan (cello), Harutyun Shakkhyan (oboe), Andranik Kochar (bassoon), Suren Khorozyan (clarinet), Armen Sukiasyan (drums)

The album features a fusion of traditional progressive rock band instrumentation and classical chamber ensemble sound. Along with his own works, there are reworkings of two Gentle Giant songs (On Reflection, Talybont). The connecting line of the author’s works is the sea and sailing. The eponymous five-part suite, although it has no clear plan, is inspired by associative plot lines from the adventures and traditions of 16th-century English pirates. The music is characterized by sharp timbral and metrorhythmic transitions, polyphonic melodiousness, leitmotivic connection between parts. There are quotes from the melodies of prominent representatives of English music (Henry Purcell, Edward Elgar, Benjamin Britten, Ian Anderson).


  1. Anthem: the Unseen Land
  2. Water Spark
  3. Elfy
  4. The Way Back Home
  5. Talybont (tribute to Gentle Giant)
  6. On Reflection (tribute to Gentle Giant)
  7. Time Out

    Conquest of the Pacific

  1. Jester’s Pipe
  2. Merlin’s Jig
  3. Across the Atlantic
  4. Ocean’s Web
  5. Golden Hind
Release Date
January 13, 2007