“Dogma” – 15: without backing down

Erik Aloyan

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary concert of Dogma, the truest veterans of the Armenian rock. We were talking with Jeff after the concert and he said. “Just count, what day was February 29 15 years ago… I mean not as a weekday.” We thought long and hard, with great difficulty we subtracted 15 from 2023 and got 2008. February 29, 2008, was the day before March 1, 2008. I don’t remember where I read today – March 1, “15 years ago on this day the surrender of Artsakh was postponed for 13 years.”

Dogma’s speech yesterday was a proof that we still have the type that does not surrender and does not give up, the type that started 15 years ago and continues to instill strength, hope and patriotism in us.

Strength, hope and patriotism, not in overused and pathetic meanings, but factual, practical, visible and tangible.

The songs selected for yesterday’s concert are “I am”, “Expectation”, “Sand leopard”, “Nane”, “Awakening”, “Who has seen?”, “Spring”, “The Soil” and “Our mountains”. Dogma tells about our nation and gives the “salvation formula” very distinctly, step by step. Not only with words and music, but also with the continuous work of the band to do something good for us and our country, to create something important, to preserve and further develop what we have. Dogma and their ideologues-associates have found the right way to love the motherland and the nation: to do work silently, without excesses, without expecting something from someone, to do the work for the sake of the idea without retreating .

Author: Erik Aloyan

Photos: Davit Jotyan