Discover the pale part of the Moon – Palemoon Concert

On July 20 the Palemoon trio will perform a solo concert, during which the band will take you to their magical world. The concert will take place in the small venue of the Yerevan State Puppet Theatre. You will enjoy the newly formed trio’s own songs, spiced with mysterious violin melodies, ethereal vocal lines, heavy guitar and drum sounds.

This concert is part of the Small Stage Live Series initiated and presented by ArmRock.
The July 20 concert tickets can only be purchased over at the ArmRock website  ⇒ HERE

In November 2022, the band released their debut album, “The Silhouette”, which drew elements from classical, rock and jazz genres. Their concert stands out for its multi-functional approach, as the band’s musicians master several instruments, and the change and sound of different instruments during each song makes it even more interesting.

Palemoon was  created as a band in 2019 by musicians Gor Karapetyan, Dmitry Hovhannisyan and Sam Avetisyan. Until 2019, it was a musical project that did not perform a concert program and created only in the studio. The band’s style includes elements from pop, rock, classical, jazz and progressive genres. The album “The Silhouette”, released in November 2022, clearly shows the direction of the band towards heavy music, mixed with electronic dance rhythms and together with it, the classic sound of the violin is heard in the songs, filled with virtuoso transitions and riffs. The band started its concert activities in February 2022, including concerts in Yerevan clubs, various festivals, and also performed special performances in several European countries.

You can follow the band’s creative searchings and works at their YouTube Channel ⇒ HERE. 

The July 20 concert tickets can only be purchased over at the ArmRock website  ⇒ HERE!