“Dogma” is 15 years old

“Dogma” band’s bassist Vardan Grigoryan and vocalist Zara Gevorgyan also talk about the creation of the “Armenia In Rock” platform and its goals within the framework of the “Artfocus” program. Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.

Four bright personalities united their creative energy and one of the most unique bands of Armenian rock music was born – the ethnic-progressive rock-metal band “Dogma”. On February 28, the group’s 15th anniversary was celebrated with a concert at the Puppet Theater. “Artfocus” includes Vardan Grigoryan, the president of the Armenian Rock Association, the bassist of the “Dogma” group, and Zara Gevorgyan, a soloist, singer, and author of texts. Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.